With Libinvest,
Cosmetics keeps a human face

Created in 1987 by Jean-Michel Libert, the Libinvest company is investing with passion and professionalism in all man and woman beauty living.

Located in Binche, the designer and manufacturer has been surrounded itself by an aware and dynamic team in order to develop responsible cosmetic products.

The high quality of Libinvest products is not born purely by chance. The R&D Department is indeed creating and optimizing the best formulas to make professionals and end consumers satisfied.

High tech

All Libinvest cosmetics are first designed and manufactured in the Binche located premises. The lab team is then entirely dedicated to carefully test and analyze every production kit.

Before their marketing, all products will have been certified and authorized by the Belgian Ministry of Health, as well as by the US regulation agency, Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).

The Beauty, natural before everything else...

Libinvest is designing and manufacturing 4 actives powerful brands: Ophyto®, Ophyto® pH, 2B Bio Beauty® and Minceur 2011®.

The team of Binche is also teaching its own methods to professionals of beauty and well-being. Thanks to an accurate training, Libinvest is providing its more and more demanding customers with efficient aesthetic cares.

What else